David G Green David.Green at ANU.EDU.AU
Wed May 12 13:34:14 CDT 1993

Donald Johnston writes ...

>  I am interested in acquiring a DOS compatible program that will
>  allow me to construct trees based on sequence comparisons.
>  Is there a shareware or freeware program for this kind of analysis?

Two of the most widely used, and freely available, programs are ....


Both of these are available for PC and Unix systems.
Harvard University's "Genetic Data Environment" (GDE) bundles up
both of the above and much more.

We make these and other programs available on our system ...
site =,
path = /pub/molecular_biology/software

Also look at the following sites, amongst others: and

Dr Georg Weiller (weiller at has developed an
interactive "Phylogenetic Workbench", which provides a range of
software tools to help carry out taxonomic analyses and
interpretations. His software (for DOS PCs) will be released
later this year.

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