East African Biodiversity

Donald Gordon donaldg at WCMC.CO.UK
Wed May 26 17:50:27 CDT 1993

20 May 1993

Dear Sir/Madam


The above project represents a survey of the sources and types
of information held on biodiversity for Kenya, Tanzania and
Uganda by organisations both within and outside East Africa.
In order to facilitate this survey, the attached questionnaire
is being used both within the region and internationally.  The
introduction to the questionnaire elaborates more fully the
goals, outputs and collaborators in the project.

If your organisation holds dataset information for East Africa,
I would be most grateful if you could take a few minutes and fill
out this questionnaire.  Completed forms can then be sent to the
following address by post, FAX, or email:

Donald Gordon
World Conservation Monitoring Centre
219c Huntingdon Road
United Kingdom

Tel (International): +44 223 277314
FAX (International): +44 223 277136
Telex: 817036 SCMU G
email: donaldg at wcmc.co.uk

Your consideration in this matter is most appreciated.

Best regards,

Donald M. Gordon
Project Manager
East Africa Metadatabase Project


This is a survey of the sources and types of information held on
biodiversity for Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda by organisations both
within and outside East Africa.  It is a collaborative venture
between the IUCN Eastern Africa Regional Office, Nairobi, the
World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Cambridge, and key national
institutions in each of the three countries.  Of primary interest
is information on biology (eg. plants, animals, habitats,
ecosystems), although information on land data (eg. land use,
protected areas), physical features (eg. meteorological, soils),
legal (eg. environmental laws) and economic (eg. wildlife trade,
medicinal plants) aspects is also of use.

Numerous collections of data concerning the biodiversity of the
region exist.  These may range in size from the small (eg. an
individual's record of birds from one locality) to the large (eg.
the collections of the East African Herbarium).  This information
may exist in many forms including paper records, maps,
bibliographies, and computer records.  To facilitate access to
these invaluable data sources, a "data sources" database is being
constructed, based on the findings of this survey.  When
completed, this database will be made available and accessible
to institutions within and outside the region, therein supporting
biodiversity initiatives.

In order to prepare this database, we would be most grateful if
you could take a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire.  A
rapid response is important.  If you have a number of distinct
datasets, please fill out a copy of this questionnaire for each.
Further, if you could pass a copy of this questionnaire to any
other person or organisation you know to hold significant
information for East Africa, this would be appreciated.


Name of department or unit:

Name of institution:

Type of institution (eg. government, NGO):

Postal Address:

Physical address (if different from above):

Tel No:                                   FAX No:

email:                                    Telex:

Function of unit/institution:

2. DESCRIPTION OF INFORMATION SOURCE (please complete one form
for each dataset)

Name or subject area of dataset:

Name of information manager:

Form of dataset:                       Size of information holdings:

       bibliographic collections                              -

       physical specimens (eg.herbarium sheets)               -

       maps                                                   -

       tables                                                 -

       GIS holdings (eg.wetlands)                             -

       database information (electronic records)              -

       field records                                          -

       others - specify                                       -

Objectives of dataset:

Where dataset is located:

How the information is being managed:

             all computerised

             percentage computerised (       %)

             card file



             other - specify

How was the dataset acquired/built?:

If computerised:             Hardware (eg. PC Compatible, Apple Mac, SUN,
                             VAX, other, including model):

                             Operating System (eg. DOS, Sun Os, VMS, AIX,
                             other, including version):

                             Software used to maintain this dataset (eg.
                             dBase, FoxPro, Ingres, Oracle, Arc\Info, other,
                             including version):

3. INFORMATION COVERAGE (if applicable, please provide a map)

Area of coverage - local/regional/national:

Biomes covered:

      Tropical humid forest

      Tropical dry woodlands

      Deserts and semi deserts

      Mountain and highland systems

      Lake systems


Ecosystems covered (eg. savanna, rainforest):

Description - Summary of information held (if applicable, please
specify the major groups of plants or animals):

Time period that information covers (months/years):

Is the information:
      Being actively maintained (yes/no)?:

      Part of an ongoing project/contract (yes/no/which)?:

      Date/period that information was/is collected (eg. 1920-1930;
      1931-1940; 1941-1950...)?:

Completeness, Limitations and Gaps in the Information:



          no outside access/use

          limited access (please give details)

          freely available (at any time?)

          on payment of funds (eg. cost of recovery; commercial sale)

          other - specify

Outside access through:

          published material



          on-line - specify network(s)

          other - specify

Documentation of information holdings (eg. descriptions
available, user guides, on-screen documentation):

Other organisations known to hold biodiversity information (names
and addresses):

Name of Person Completing this Form (title & position):


Availability of Biodiversity Information Review - please return
as quickly as possible to:

Donald Gordon, World Conservation Monitoring Centre, 219c
Huntingdon Road, CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom  CB3 0DL  Tel
(International): +44 223 277314; FAX (International): +44 223
277136; Telex: 817036 SCMU G; email: donaldg at wcmc.co.uk

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