Gopher hanky panky?

Thu Nov 18 12:40:58 CST 1993

Jim Croft <jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU> wrote, in reply to Jim Beach:

> Bragging again?  So who is counting?  I will resist the temptation to
> get into a `mine is bigger than yours' argument on this issue (not the
> least reason for this is because it isn't!)

Why not show your statistics anyway?  So we can get an idea of what the
potential current traffic is for biology gophers outside the US?

You commented, tongue in cheek (I hope):

>> TOTALS FOR SUMMARY PERIOD Jan  1 1993 TO Nov 17 1993
>> Files Transmitted During Summary Period         63398
>> Average Files Transmitted Daily                   158
> This figure is appallingly low!

This is a *remarkable* volume, considering the time period goes all the
way back to January!  There weren't all that many gopher clients back in
January (things are changing fast on the Internet these days).  As my own
gopher statistics showed, gopher usage on my archive is up 400% over two
months ago.  I suspect the increase is even higher on
There isn't really anything we need to do to increase traffic overall, so
the only strong `competitive' element is how fast our traffic increases
with respect to one another.

The phenomenon of Australian users getting fewer but larger files *might*
be for reasons other than curiosity about the pictures (you might `read the
stories' instead, but this is biology, not Playboy Magazine).  But what
*are* you all doing, if not looking at the pictures?

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Jim, is this URL pointing to a *picture* of *you*, hm?


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