New botanical gopher

Fri Nov 19 08:37:36 CST 1993

The contents of IBIS, the International Bryological Information Service,
stored at the University of Duisburg, Germany, were only accessible so
far for members of the International Association of Bryologists. It has
no made available by a gopher server for every botanist.

IBIS contains:

1. files of bryological contents, e.g. checklists of various parts of
the world, bibliographies for certain regions, genera or families or
general, the address list of the IAB etc. etc.

2. Botanical programs. It is presumably the largest collection of
botanical software in the world, extracted from the 450 disks of the
IAB software library. the programs are grouped into the subdirectories
labels, taxonomy, herbaria, mapping, ecology and identification. They
contain numerous programs for cladistics, multivariate statistics,
cluster analysis, identification, herbarium labels, herbarium
manageement, herbarium loans etc. etc., all for MS-DOS computers.

IBIS can be accessed by gopher

Jan-Peter Frahm
frahm at
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