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Pelaez Goycochea Alejandro-FC pelaez at REDVAX1.DGSCA.UNAM.MX
Fri Nov 19 10:56:43 CST 1993

Past weekend there were a meeting called by the National Commission for
the Knowledge and Utilization of Biodiversity of Mexico (CONABIO) with
more than 25 directors of the main research institutions on taxonomomy in
Mexico. The goal of the meeting was to make an agreerment about to create
a national information network on biodiversity. As results of the meeting
it was signed the Oaxaca Declaration stablishing the compromise to develop
that enterprise.

One of the first task derived from the meeting is to discusse the legal
and conceptual basis for the sharing of the information. As all the people
in this forum knows, that is one of the main issues debated around this
kind of efforts. We are compiling literature about that topic and we will
be grateful to receive points to documents dealing with that kind of
discussions, specialy if they are available electronicaly.

If there exist enough interest I can put in taxacom the text of the
Declaration mentioned, (maybe with a resume of the CONABIO).

Alejandro Pelaez

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