No. of Chromosones in large mammals?

Tim Stearns tim at EEG.COM
Mon Nov 15 08:17:58 CST 1993

>On 13 Nov 1993, Mohan Ayyar wrote:
>> A friend of mine has asked me to find out how many chromosomes large
>> mammals have.  He is interested in animals like the elephant, hippo,
>> rhino and whales.  Any clues?  Email responses preferable.
>>                              mayyar at
>A similar, but more general query would be:
>  Are there any on-line sources for comparative karyotypic data?
>If yes, an announcement to the net might be in order.

        Mohan Ayyar and Dr. Robbins ask pose a very good question:
        where *can* one find cross-species karyotype data online?

                                                        Tim Stearns
                                                        EEG Systems Lab

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