Mark Stowe mks at ZOO.UFL.EDU
Wed Nov 17 13:48:12 CST 1993

>I am looking for some information on listserv: entomol-l.  If any one can
>provide me with the location where the mailgroup is based, or the email address
>of the group coordinator or system administrator it would be greatly
>Amy Edwards, Program Coordinator -------- aedwards at zookeeper.zoo.uga.edu
>Museum of Natural History        --------           phone (706) 542-4137
>University of Georgia            --------               FAX 706-542-3920
>Athens, GA 30602

Hi, the answer to this and other such questions can be found in

||      Smith, Una R. (1993) A Biologist's Guide to Internet Resources.
||      Usenet sci.answers.  Available via gopher, anonymous FTP and e-mail
||      from many archives.  For a free copy via e-mail, send the text
||      "send pub/usenet/sci.answers/biology/guide/*" to the e-mail address
||      mail-server at rtfm.mit.edu.  ~45 pages.

to save you the exercise you can subscribe to entomo-l by sending the message



listserv at vm.UOGUELPH.ca

To contribute to the discussion, you send messages to

entomo-l at vm.UOGUELPH.ca

There is at least one other entomological mailing list: "ent-list".  To get
on this unautomated list, mail an English-languague request to
USERHCFB at um.cc.umich.edu (see below)

From: USERHCFB at um.cc.umich.edu
To: ENT-LIST at um.cc.umich.edu
X-Mts-Userid: HCFB
Subject: welcome

Welcome to Ent-list!
Ent-list is a mail group under my userid at the University of Michigan.  It
currently has about 98 members scattered across netland.  The primary focus
of ent-list is the discussion of systematics, collection management, and
computer topics related to these issues.  Secondarily, it is also a place
for general non-economic entomology topics.

To send a message to the entire group, send to: ent-list at um.cc.umich.edu

To send mail to Mark O'Brien: userlps5 at um.cc.umich.edu

Thanks for signing up!

Mark O'Brien

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