New release of DELTA programs

Mike Dallwitz miked at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Fri Oct 1 14:57:26 CDT 1993

New versions of the DELTA programs for MS-DOS are now available on the
following Internet hosts.        (directory: /pub/software/delta/msdos)        (directory: /pub/biodiversity/delta/msdos)   (directory: /delta/msdos)
Access is by anonymous ftp from any of these hosts, or by Gopher from the first

The Internet distribution package consists of text files *.1st and
self-expanding files *.exe. Download.1st contains this information about
downloading the files, changes.1st contains the revision history of the
programs, and delta.1st describes the procedure for installing the programs on
an MS-DOS computer. The files must be transmitted in binary mode, set by the
ftp command `binary'. (Failure to do so will result in the error message
`HeaderC Error' when the .exe files are run.)

Place the files in the directory C:\DELTA on your MS-DOS computer. Then follow
the installation procedure described in delta.1st, but omit the XCOPY command.

The date of this release is 30 September 1993. The changes from the previous
release (26 July 1993) are as follows.


28 September 1993. Final versions of Edition 4 of the User's Guide and Edition
3 of the Primer are included with the distribution.


Version 2.10, 24 September 1993. The methods of translating ordered multistate
and numeric characters into DIST, PAUP, HENNIG and NEXUS formats were changed
(see User's Guide). The main change is that means are calculated after the
application of KEY STATES, rather than before (so that KEY STATES can be used
more effectively to remove skewness of distributions). A new directive, USE
MEAN VALUES, can be used to modify the calculations for PAUP, HENNIG, and NEXUS
formats. A bug which caused STOP AFTER ITEM to produce an empty output file


Version 2.08, 9 September 1993. An input tab character is now converted to a
single blank. Error messages for the character list were improved.


Version 3.07, 17 September 1993. The program can now run on a read-only or
write-protected drive. It searches for a writable directory for scratch files,
as follows: current disk and directory; environment variable TMP; enviroment
variable TEMP; default directory on the C: drive. A method of changing the
length of the pause when displaying images in continuous mode was implemented:
the default value is 3 seconds; pressing `+' or `-' while the images are being
displayed increments or decrements the pause by 0.5 seconds. When displaying
images in continuous mode, messages are now output to the main display (to
facilitate checking of the images). Some bugs relating to error messages for
missing images were fixed. A bug in the formatting of help was fixed. A bug
causing the program to run out of memory when certain operations were repeated
was fixed. A bug in the SUMMARY command was fixed.


Version 2.02, 21 September 1993. Now works correctly when DELTA files are on a
Novell network drive.


Version 2.04, 30 September 1993. A directory for temporary storage is now
selected as the first writeable directory of the following: current directory
at program start; environment variable TMP; enviroment variable TEMP; default
directory of drive C: at program start. This directory holds temporary files
for the journal file, cut/paste buffer, box saves during copy, and virtual
memory swap file. The name of the temporary-storage directory is available via
the TDIR status word. The box-save during copy is skipped if no temporary
storage is available. The C command emulates the DOS CD command if its argument
ends with : or \. The complete path name of the file being edited is now stored
(this ensures that M always writes the correct file after a directory
change); the path is available via the SPEC status word. The prompt was
modified for spawned DOS sessions. A status word FREE was added to get the
amount of free space on the current drive. A bug which caused the directory-
make command to save the directory name as the current file name was fixed.

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