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                            CALL FOR PAPERS


       Drake Bay, PenInsula de Osa, Costa Rica, Central America

                              June  20-24th,  1994
                                 (Indian Summer)

           1.  La    FundaciOn  para la  ProtecciOn   del   Bosque
     Primario (FUNBOSPRI)  (Foundation for Primary   Forest   Pro-
     tection)  is  calling for  papers   from specialists,   orga-
     nizations and people interested in  ecology, environment  and
     related fields.

               The   goals of the conference are to share  experi-
     ences, to get  perspectives and to discuss problems   related
     with  ecology and environment and  to join  individuals   and
     institutions interested in these topics.  The conference will
     also  give  you the opportunity to enjoy some  of  the   most
     beautiful  places of our  country and discuss about the  eco-
     logical problems of the area in order to propose solutions.

           2.    Location   of  the  conference.

                 Peninsula    de   Osa  is located 350  kms  south
     of    Costa  Rica international airport. It is  one  of   the
     most  beautiful places  of  Costa Rica and one of  the   most
     appreciated  regions internationally.  There are two ways  of
     transportation:  by  air and by a combination  of  land   and
     river. We are planning a combination of both.   From San Jos
     to Drake Bay, we   suggest  to travel by land-river.  This is
     divided    into  two   parts:  the first  from  San  Jose  to
     Sierpe  by  bus   and   the second from Sierpe to Drake   Bay
     by boat.  People  who have visited this region are stroken by
     its  beauty.   The second part of the travel is  particularly
     exciting:  navegating by Sierpe River appreciating  beautiful
     places,    clear water, marshes at both sides  of  the river,
     very often  different  varieties  of crabs and  other kind of
     animals can  be  seen.    We will  return to San JosE by air.
     We   hope this  will provide you  complementary sights of the
     region.    This event  will give you the opportunity of know-
     ing  these   places  and  seeing one of  the  locations  that
     deserve  conservation and  care. The conference will  be five
     days  long  (from Monday through Friday).   However,   it  is
     necessary  that   you arrive to San JosE  by  Saturday  18th.
     You will stay  at  the Hotel  Herradura  for  two nights ( 18
     and   25).  For   the  first  night  we  are   organizing   a
     wellcome  meeting.  Sunday morning  we  depart  to  PenInsula
     de  Osa.     We will back to San  JosE  Saturday  25th,  once
     there you  will  stay  at Herradura again.   Hotels from  Osa
     are  considering  to  include special rates  for   additional
     days to   do   some sight-seeings or trips after the  confer-
     ence is finished.   Two trips are planned during the  confer-
     ence:   the first to  Isla del  CaNo, one  of   the most  ex-
     citing   places,   which  main characteristic  is  its  giant
     forest  and archeological interest,   and the second  to  the
     Corcovado's   National Park which is  characterized   by  its
     primary   forest  and  exotic   biological    varieties.  The
     conference  schedule is planned so that it allows  people  to
     travel during the week and to do other activities.

           3.  Main topics:

         The  main  topics considered at the  conference  are  the

                - Models for Development and Planning
                - Pacific uses of Nuclear Energy and Environment
                - Quality  and Environment
                - Sustainable Development of  Forest
                           Goods and Services of  Forest
                - Community and Ecology
                - Ecology and Education
                - Native Cultures and Ecology
                - Ecological Experiences

               Related topics can be considered.

           4. Deadlines:

             Abstracts: January 15th, 1994. Summaries no more than
          200 words.

               Acceptance notification:   March, first week.
               Papers:  April 15th,  1994
               Schedule proposed:  First days of  May  1994.

           5.  Languages

               The  papers  and abstracts should be written in one
     of the  following languages:

                      - English
                      - Spanish

           6.  Expenses:  $  1,000  US.  Includes   accomodations,
     meals,  and trips during  the  event;  registration,  a  copy
     of  the  proceedings  and transportation from the airport  to
     peninsula   and back.  If you want to enjoy the beauties   of
     the   peninsula   after  the  event,  extra  costs  must   be
     covered.   The  available  kind of  food   includes:  100   %
     natural vegetables and fruits,   meats and fish.  We  give  a
     10  % discount to  members  of ecological  associations.  Fi-
     nally,  LACSA gives  special rates (group rates  per  person)
     for  those who will use this airline to come to  the  confer-
     ence.  To enjoy this you only have to buy your ticket in  any
     of LACSA agencias in different  places around the world.  Un-
     der request LACSA  will  give  you more  detailed information
     about agencies and rates.

           7. Executive board

                    Celso Vargas (executive coordinator)
                    JosE Antonio Vargas(Chairman FUNBOSPRI)
                    Elizabeth ArnAez(editorial coordinator)
                    Guillermo GuzmAn(information executive)
                    JosE Castro (Information executive)

           8.  Editorial Board

               Dr. Dagmar Werner, Chairwoman, Instituto  Iguana
                Verde,  Costa Rica

               Christopher  Vaughan, MSc, WildLife Master Program.
                Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica

               Juvenal Valerio, MSc.,  Departament of Forestry,
                Instituto TecnolOgico de Costa Rica

               Licda. Elizabeth ArnAez, Departament  of  Biology,
                Instituto TecnolOgico de Costa Rica

               JulIan Monge NAjera, MSc. Biology School,
                Universidad de Costa Rica

           9. Sponsors:

                   - Department of Biology, ITCR,
                   - Department of Computer Science, ITCR
                   - Canal 6, The Ecological Channel of Costa Rica
                   - Osa Center for Biological Studies
                   - DAAD
                   - Wilderness Camp Lodge
                   - Cocalito Lodge
                   - Paloma Lodge
                   - Hotel Herradura, Resort and Conference Center
                   - LACSA, Oficial Airline of the event
                   - Costa Rica Tourist Board
                   - Horizontes Nature Tours

            10. Information:

               We  have  pictures and  more  detailed  information
     about  the   region.  If you  need  any  further  information
     related with  the  event  or for  mailing documents or to get
     one  of  our postals, please write to:

               Guillermo GuzmAn
               email:gguzman at ucrmv2
                     GGUZMAN at UCRVM2.UCR.AC.CR

               Celso Vargas,
               Departament  of Computer Science
               Costa Rica Institute of Technology
               Aptdo 159, Cartago, Costa Rica, Central America
               FAX (506) 51 53 48
               email:  vargase at
               P.O.  Box  7137-1000  San  JosE,  Costa  Rica,
               Central America (during December and January please
               use this address).

               Elizabeth Arnaez
               Department of Biology
               Costa Rica Institute of Technology
               P.O. Box 159, Cartago, Costa Rica, Central America
               FAX (506) 51 53 48
               email: earnaez at ucrvm2

               JosE Castro.
               P.O. Box  7137-1000  San JosE, Costa Rica,
               Central America.

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