E-mail directory of mycologists/lichenologists

Pavel Lizon PL18 at CORNELL.EDU
Thu Sep 16 20:54:54 CDT 1993

MYCOLOGISTS ONLINE, a world directory of mycologists and lichenologists or
researchers studying fungi, incl. lichens, herbaria and collections, and
mycological periodicals, who/which are accesible by E-mail, is under
construction. The most recent list includes more than 200 entries.

Please help to update the directory and send your E-mail and mailing
address (in the form as follows) to one of the editors:

LIZON, Pavel          <PL18 at cornell.edu>
Plant Pathology Herbarium, Cornell University, 401 Plant Science Bldg.,
Ithaca,                     NY 14853-4203, USA

PARMASTO, Erast   <erast at iozb.tartu.ee>
Institute of Zoology and Botany, Estonian Academy of Sciences, 21 Vanemuise
St., EE-2400, Estonia

Until such this as the directory is posted in the Harvard University
Biodiversity and Biological Collections Gopher (Directories of Biologists)
it is available via E-mail on request to Pavel Lizon.

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