90th Birthday - Prof. I. Vassilczenko

Preston Hardison pdh at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Mon Sep 6 17:46:40 CDT 1993

   Date: Tue, 7 Sep 93 10:34:21 EST
   From: Vladimir Razzhivin <binran at glas.apc.org>

   It is a pleasure to inform you that at September, 15, 1993, will
   be celebrated a 90th Birthday of Prof. Ivan Vassilczenko,
   who for a long time served as the Keeper of the Herbarium,
   Komarov Botanical Institute.

   If you want to congratulate him, please send messages via E-mail or
   telegrams to Herbarium, BIN, Prof. Popov str. 2, St. Petersburg, P-22,

   Dmitry Geltman,
   Assistant Keeper of the Herbarium,
   Komarov Botanical Institute

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