MICH renovations - message for posting

Mon Sep 13 20:58:46 CDT 1993

   Renovations at the University of Michigan Herbarium, including the
installation of a compactor for about two-thirds of the collection, will
be occurring from January through August of 1994.  During that time, access
to the collection will necessarily be restricted - ALL of the collections,
vascular and non-vascular, will be affected at some time during the period.
We would like to ask for assistance from the community in two ways:
 - Anyone planning to visit MICH in the first eight months of 1994 should
contact the appropriate curator WELL in advance of the visit.  The portion
of the collection which you wish to consult may be inaccessible, even to
staff, and space for visitors will be limited.
 - Requests for loans needed in the next 12 months should be submitted this
fall.  Any received during the renovation period could be delayed by
collection access for weeks or even months.
                                                     September 1993

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