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Date: Fri, 3 Sep 93 09:43:05 EST
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     8-9 September 1993. St-Petersburg, Russia.

    The workshop  "ILDIS  in  Commonwelth  of  Independent States" is
being  organized  by  Regional  ILDIS  Center  in  Komarov  Botanical
Institute,  St-Petersburg,  Russia. It aims introducing ILDIS project
to Russian botanists, first demonstration of the database "Legumes of
East Europe,  North  and Central Asia" (2175 species of former-USSR &
Mongolia flora) and discussing prospectives  of  including  the  main
botanical institutions of the former-USSR in ILDIS project as much as
forms and ways of using ILDIS information by  botanists  from  Russia
and neighbouring countries.
    Beside that, reports by the workshop visitors about different
aspects of legume research are to be presented.


      September, 8th.  1st DAY

 10.00-10.10 Introduction - G.Yakovlev
 10.10-      The ILDIS Project: recent progress and developments - F.Bisby
      -13.00 Database "Legumes of E.Europe, N. & C. Asia" - Yu.Roskov,
             A.Sytin, G.Yakovlev.

       G.Yakovlev (St-Petersburg, Russia). The review of modern legume
       N.Tzvelev (St-Petersburg, Russia). Critical groups of genera
             Genista, Chamaecytisus & Vicia in the flora of E.Europe.
       A.Polozhij (Tomsk, Russia). Genera Astragalus, Oxytropis,
             Hedysarum in the mountains of S.Siberia (geographical
             distribution, belt distribution, common areas).
             Collections in the Tomsk University Herbarium.
       N.Pavlova (Vladivostok, Russia). State and perspectives of
             investigation of the legumes in the Russian Far East.
       A.Askerov (Baku, Azerbajan). Check-list (conspectus) of
             Fabaceae in Azerbajan.
       A.Kagalo (Lvov, Ukraine). Legumes of Carpatian region.
       N.Rakov (Yliyanovsk, Russia). Fabaceae family in the Yliyanovsk
             Region and neighbouring regions of the Middle Volga
             (taxonomy, ecology, geography).
       I.Gubareva, V.Dedkov (Kaliningrad, Russia). The review of
             Fabaceae family in the Kaliningrad region.
       V.Sagalaev (Volgograd, Russia). The genus Astragalus in the
             south-east of European Russia.
       I.Lodzinya (Salaspils, Latvia). Work on database in the
             Laboratory of Botany of the Biological Institute of the
             Latvian Republic Academy of Sciences.

 17.30-19.00 K.Savov, M.Serebryanyi (Moscow, Russia). Data Management
             System FLORIN. Demonstration of software & discussions.

      September, 9th.  2nd DAY

       V.Bochkin (Moscow, Russia). Adventive plants from Fabaceae
             family in the flora of the former-USSR.
       T.Kuznetzova (Moscow, Russia). On possible approaches to the
             analysis of lowers-arrangement in legumes.
       S.Ponomarenko (Moscow, Russia). Significance of the study of
             the seed microsculpture for the definition of the level
             of species specialization.
       V.Voronchihin (Moscow, Russia). Principles and methods of the
             study of anatomy and ultrastructure of seeds for the aims
             of Fabaceae taxonomy (tribe Vicieae as a model).
       A.Magulaev (Stavropol, Russia). On the state caryological study
             of the North Caucasus legumes.
       L.Semerenko (Minsk, Belorussia). Some results and perspectives
             of the caryological study of the wild-growing legumes of
       R.Plennik (Novosibirsk, Russia). Introduction gene bank of
             Fabaceae seeds of the native flora of Siberia and
             problems of prolonged storage of the seeds.
       B.Kurlovich, S.Repiev (St-Petersburg, Russia). The VIR Gene
             bank in the solution of the problems in the breeding of
             grain Legume crops.
       N.Novikova, E.Pavlova (St-Petersburg, Russia). Analysis of the
             nodulation phenomen in the legumes of moderate climate.

 14.00-17.00 Discussion on future developments for ILDIS Russia/CIS
 _            .with wider participation by some or all of those present.
             (list of questions I will send you a little late).

 17.00-18.00 Summing up - F.Bisby, Yu.Roskov, G.Yakovlev

For further   details  contact  -  Yuri  Roskov,  Herbarium,  Komarov
Botanical Institute, Prof. Popov, 2, St-Petersburg 197376, Russia.
E-mail: binran at


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