Why are so many taxacom messages so long ?

Ricardo Crust rcrust at ZIMBIX.UZ.ZW
Sat Sep 18 10:48:38 CDT 1993

This is an appeal to taxacom subscribers to exert a little
self-discipline.  A significant proportion of email messages
sent to taxacom are unjustifiably large.  Surely it is not
too difficult to send an abstract, followed by an invitation
to interested people to apply for the full document.  Subscribers
to other listservers manage this quite well.

As an example, I have just received a 584 line document from the
Museums Informatics Project.  Despite its merits, I cannot avoid
thinking of it as junk mail, since the cost of receiving it is
more than a technician here earns in a day - and it has to be
paid in hard currency which is very difficult to obtain.

This is a big issue among email users in Africa.  Every single byte
which is sent or received has to be paid for - either by an academic
computer service or out of our research budget.  At many African
universities and institutes, researchers cannot subscribe to email
listservers because they dare not risk the unpredictable costs.

At the University of Zimbabwe we are fortunate in not having to dig
into our own pockets to pay for email - but we are under severe
pressure to ensure that it can be justified.  I am finding it
increasingly difficult to justify subscribing to taxacom - in fact
the computer service here is leaning on me to stop it.

Do other taxacom subscribers have this problem ?

Optimistically ...
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