Costs of e-mail

richard jensen FNPFR3 at IRISHMVS.BITNET
Mon Sep 20 15:57:00 CDT 1993

Watching this discussion makes me believe that sometimes those
at institutions which provide a lot of support are unaware that
there are institutions that are not so generous.  My institution
does not provide unlimited telephone service, even when I restrict
my calls to purely professional matters.  And, I pay a fee for
every incoming fax I receive.  It may seem unfair, but it is a
fact of life.

Crust seems to be saying that his institution is charging him for
e-mail access, both incoming and outgoing.  I don't find this hard
to believe and I don't necessarily think it is unfair.  When institu-
tions have limited resources, they must find ways to underwrite the
services they are asked to provide.  One simple way is to ask that
those who make use of a service pay for that use.

I suggest that more thought needs to be given to the real issue Crust
has raised and not these peripheral issues of whose institution will
provide which service in a fair or cheap way.

Richard Jensen
fnpfr3 at

(for the sake of clarity, my home institution is Saint Mary's
College; I am sending this message from my account at the University
of Notre Dame, which does not charge for these services)

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