Hennig XIII

Nikolaj Scharff MNHEN135 at SIVM.BITNET
Fri Sep 24 10:25:54 CDT 1993

   The Willi Hennig Society will hold its thirteenth meeting in
Copenhagen, Denmark, 23 - 26 August 1994. The invited and
contributed papers will be a mix of theory, methodology and
practice within the broad theme of "Biodiversity and Phylogeny".
Planned sessions include (with organizers): The history of
cladistics - Science as an international process (Niels P.
Kristensen, Copenhagen & Gareth Nelson, New York); Phylogeny of
the Invertebrates (Claus Nielsen, Copenhagen & Fred Schram,
Amsterdam); Molecular and morphological systematics - Total
evidence in phylogeny reconstruction (Ole Seberg, Copenhagen &
Ward C. Wheeler, New York); Cladistics and palaeobiology (Niels
Bonde, Copenhagen & Pascal Tassy, Paris); Biodiversity and
biogeography of Wallacea and adjacent areas  (Nils M. Andersen,
Copenhagen & Richard Vane-Wright, London); Biodiversity &
biogeography of Afromontane biotas (Charles Griswold, San
Francisco & Nikolaj Scharff, Copenhagen); Computer software and
workshop (Rod D.M. Page, Oxford & Thomas Pape, Copenhagen);
Contributed papers and poster session (Henrik Enghoff & Michael
Hansen, Copenhagen).
   For further information, please write to: Dr Nils M. Andersen,
Zoological Museum, Universitetsparken 15, DK-2100 Copenhagen,
Denmark. Tel. +45 3532 1104; Fax +45 3532 1010; E-mail

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