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                      Galapagos Ecol-Evol
Dear subscribers to TAXACOM:

I am continuing to work on a second multi-authored book concerning marine
life in the Galapagos Islands and am curious to know if others out there on
the net have similar interests. The first book was titled "Galapagos Marine
Invertebrates: Taxonomy, Biogeography, and Evolution in Darwin's Islands" and
was published by Plenum Press in New York in November 1991. The second book
is well underway with approx. 15 chapters completed or in preparation. The
tentative title of the second book will be "Galapagos Marine Ecology and
Evolution" and will cover marine organisms from whales to algae.

If you have reserch interests in marine organisms of the islands, I would be
interested in hearing from you. Within the Galapagos I am generally
interested in all organisms, so even if you work on terrestrial organisms I
would still be interested in making contact.

In addition to the research summaries in the various chapters, the second
book will have three appendices: one on the history of the names of the
islands, a second on information for scientists wishing to do research in the
islands, and a third on the topic of "Galapagos Online" with information
about sending e-mail to the Darwin Station and about various Galapagos
databases available via Gopher, etc. If you know of any Galapagos data (plant
or animal, terrestrial or marine) available online, I would be very
interested to learn of it. Thank you in advance for sharing any reserch or
Internet information that you have.

Matthew J. James
Department of Geology
Sonoma State University
Rohnert Park, California 94928 USA
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