PhD taxonomist seeking for a position

Gabor Mesaros gmesaro at CATI.CSUFRESNO.EDU
Sun Apr 3 13:56:01 CDT 1994

I am looking for a post doc position in entomology.

My research activities are oriented toward an analyses of variability within
and between natural populations. I am experienced in different techniques in
analyzing phenetic variability (size and shape), using uni- and multivariate
aspects (SAS V6.04). I am also familiar with electrophoretic methods such as
starch gel electrophoresis which I have used to assay digestive enzymes in
order to examine genetical variability within and between populations of
some insects (Coleoptera). When needed, like in case of parthenogenesis
and/or polyploid, I have used cytogenetical approach to deal with the
problem. My interpretation of spatial distribution of the observed
variability was based on historical approach (historical biogeography).
I have also good experience in field research of natural insect
populations from the communities above the timber line. Up to now I have
published 16 papers and 7 abstracts at different scientific meetings.

Other activities: database management and statistical analyses, museology,
wild life management and protection of nature, plant protection.

I am ready to send my complete C.V. upon request. Anyone interested
should contact me at the following address;

Dr Gabor Mesaros
Department of Evolutionary Biology
Institute for Biological Research
29. novembra 142
11060 Belgrade, Yugoslavia
voice   381 11 764 422 ext. 135
fax:    381 11 761 433

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