New Software for DELTA format

Drs. E.J. Gouda Gouda at CC.RUU.NL
Mon Apr 18 08:28:28 CDT 1994

              ********  T A X A S O F T  Announcement  ********

Dear DELTA Users,

This is about the first release of the TAXASOFT editor for the DELTA
format, as a part of a new, interactive TAXASOFT system.

DELTA is a great and flexible format for taxonomic descriptive data, to
produce identification keys, descriptive diagnoses, etc., but it is not
easy to setup data sets in a normal text editor. A DELTA editor, which make
is easier to setup data sets, is needed.

What is the TAXASOFT editor?
The Taxasoft editor is based on PC/MS-DOS, to be used on a PC. It is an
editor meant to produce and maintain the three standard DELTA files (SPECS,

How does this editor work?
The main window of this editor is divided into two scroll lists: 1) the
Character descriptions and 2) The Item names. You can switch between the
two lists and select a Character or Item. When you have selected a
Character, you are entering a form-window with the fields in which data can
be entered.
When an Item is selected, you can fill in the item data for this character,
or else you can change the character description itself. You don't have to
leave this window to get the next or previous character or next or previous

It is possible to delete, insert or move around Characters, Items or even
the States, without having to worry about the consistency of the DELTA

This first release is still in Beta stage, and is restricted to 1024 items
with 255 characters, 15 states each. You are invited to get it from
anonymous FTP area, or to ask for uuencoded files (Email), but please contact
me for instructions first.
  Drs. E.J. Gouda       (gouda at
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  The Netherlands

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