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maurobio at AX.APC.ORG maurobio at AX.APC.ORG
Wed Apr 6 01:12:08 CDT 1994

Dear Friends of DIANA (and hopefully mine too),

Ah, results are just beginning to appear!!! Some of you had already got
the uuencoded file I sent last night.

I'll send it now to the requesters below. Don't forget to send me a
short message stating if you could get and uudecode it.

      stipoid at <*Mary Barkworth*>
      jkirkbride at <Joe Kirkbride>
      gouda at <Eric Gouda>
      mgray1 at <Matthew Gray>
      al at <Andrew Lyne>
      phoover at <Phillip Hoover>
      bruceh at <Bruce Halliday>
      liushun at <Shunguo>

Other requesters will receive a copy by snail-mail (ugh!). Just

I'm also sending some messages privately directed to some of the
requesters, in order to not giving rise to a flood in the TAXACOM

Looking forward to hearing from your progress with Beta-testing.
Please feel free to ask any questions you need - you can be sure
to get an answer from me!

Many, many thanks to all of you!


Prof. Mauro J. Cavalcanti            Phone     : 55 (021) 551-5542 ext 148
Departamento de Biologia Geral       Home phone: 55 (021) 594-4745
Centro de Ciencias Biologicas        E-mail    : maurobio at
Universidade Santa Ursula                        maurobio at
Rua Fernando Ferrari, 75 - Botafogo
22231-030, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BRASIL

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