Sileneae seeds

Bengt Oxelman bengt.oxelman at SYSTBOT.GU.SE
Fri Apr 15 12:44:53 CDT 1994

We are currently investigating the generic boundaries within Sileneae, at
the moment using rDNA sequences. We still lack some interesting plant
material, however. Is there anyone out there who can help us with plant
material (preferably seeds, but a small piece[1 cm2] of newly[<10 years]
dried herbarium material would suffice as well) from any of the following

Silene ampullata Boiss.(=Schischkiniella ampullata)
Petrocoma hoefftiana (Fisch.) Rupr.(= Silene hoefttiana)
Lychnis nivalis Kit. (=Polyschemone nivalis)
Uebelinia sp.

Thanks in advance
(We gladly send material in exchange, if possible)
Bengt Oxelman & Magnus Lidn
Dept. of Systematic Botany
Carl Skottsbergs Gata 22
S-413 19 Goeteborg
bengt.oxelman at

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