F. Raymond Fosberg Commemoration

Dan Garnitz dgarnitz at CAP.GWU.EDU
Tue Apr 19 23:08:35 CDT 1994

                     F. RAYMOND FOSBERG (1908-1993)
                         Birthday Commemoration

                      May 19, 1994  (A Day Early)

                           2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

                           Classrooms A and B
                          The Learning Center
                   National Museum of Natural History
                        Smithsonian Institution
                            Washington, DC.

        Invited Speaker: David R. Stoddart
                         Geography Department.
                         University of California-

                      Refreshments will be served

RSVP: Dan Nicholson, Dept. of Botany     (202) 357-2522
      e-mail: MNHBO061 at sivm.si.edu

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