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Wed Apr 20 02:59:02 CDT 1994

Dear Entomo-lers: Following a telephone chatter with the Secretary of
the ICZN, Mr Philip K. Tubbs, I can tell you that the next version of
the Code will include an article making available taxonomically names
or actions proposed at least on CD-ROM. Our conversation was too short
(phone is expensive) to clarify whether other supports will be allowed.
Any comments?

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Bruce Halliday

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Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 22:51:52 
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From:         "Luis A. Ruedas" <usr7933a at TSO.UC.EDU>
Subject:      New edition of the Code

A few days ago, a message was posted on this list regarding the
availability of the 1996 (?) edition of the code for comments.  The
message failed to provide a contact address/e-mail for where to obtain
said manuscript, other than the Bull Zool Nomencl.  Regrettably, none of
the local libraries have that journal.

Could someone be kind enough to furnish me with an address/e-mail of
where I might obtain this?

Many thanks.

Luis A. Ruedas
Ohio River Biological Station &
Cincinnati Museum of Natural History
usr7933a at tso.uc.edu

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