New WWW Server at Australia's Environmental Resources Information Network

Arthur Chapman arthur at ERIN.GOV.AU
Fri Apr 29 11:37:31 CDT 1994

The Australian Environmental Resources Information Network (ERIN) is
pleased to announce the availability of our new, improved World Wide
Web Server at:

The server contains information and data on Australia's environment
including information about:
        - weather and climate
        - terrestrial and inland acquatic landscapes
        - humans and the environment
        - biodiversity
        - estuarine and marine environments
        - State of the Environment reporting
        - general environmental information

New features include:
        - links to ERIN's ORACLE database to produce, for example, species
          distribution maps on request
        - links between traditional floras (including keys to species) and
          interactive plant distribution maps
        - modelling of species distributions (nothing pre-canned here!)
        - map queries (see for example
        - links to environmental information systems around the world

and much much more.  We will be adding new information on a regular basis (each
month new information will be released).  We welcome feedback on the use that
people are making of the information we are providing.

The ERIN WWW server has been substantially redesigned, so if you have
links to parts of our old Web, you may need to change them.

The ERIN WWW Server is a cooperative effort from all the ERIN staff.

Welcome, please try it!

Arthur D. Chapman  [Scientific Coordinator, Biogeographic Information, ERIN]

Environmental Resources Information Network     internet: arthur at
GPO Box 636, Canberra,                             voice: +61-6-2500 376
ACT 2601, AUSTRALIA                                  fax: +61-6-2500 360

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