Hawaiian land and freshwater mollusc catalog

Neal Evenhuis neale at BISHOP.BISHOP.HAWAII.ORG
Thu Aug 4 15:03:01 CDT 1994

Notice of an upcoming publication:

A nomenclatural catalog of all the names applied to the immensely diverse
Hawaiian land and freshwater mollusc fauna will soon be published by
Bishop Museum Press in Honolulu. The catalog, authored by Robert Cowie,
Neal Evenhuis and Carl Christensen, distinguishes valid specific and
subspecific names, synonyms and nomenclaturally unavailable names. It
includes full bibliographic references to the original publications,
details of the type locality and known distribution for valid names, and
additional remarks on nomenclature and status as appropriate. A simple
checklist of all names is also included. In addition, the catalog provides
general background information on the fauna, group by group, citing the
main important works, so that readers will be able to access all the
literature on not only the sytematics but also other aspects of the
biology of the entire native Hawaiian fauna. In addition, this information
is planned to become available electronically on the Bishop Museum's gopher.
For comments, queries, and more information, contact the senior author by
e-mail or at the address/telephone given below.

Robert H. Cowie, Ph.D.             Phone:  (808) 848 4118
Department of Natural Sciences     Fax:    (808) 841 8968
Bishop Museum                      E-mail: rhcowie at bishop.bishop.hawaii.org
P.O. Box 19000-A
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817-0916

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