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Thu Aug 18 14:32:10 CDT 1994

18 August 1994

     The California Academy of Sciences' 30+ year old Picker
x-ray unit has finally given up the ghost.  Repair technicians have
written its obituary, and now it's time to begin casting about for a
replacement.  It was used primarily to x-ray fishes.  We obtained
satisfactory results using Kodak Industrex-M film.

     I would appreciate receiving any information (at the address below)
concerning what machines and film that you use and whether or not you are
pleased with the results.  What is the largest film / specimen that it can
handle?  Does it work on small specimens?  Make, model number, and rough
cost would help as well.

     Thanks for your help!

Dave Catania, CAS Ichthyology
Phone: (415) 750-7051
Fax:   (415) 750-7346
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