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Tue Aug 30 11:17:22 CDT 1994

Current and potential Taxacom subscribers:

If you have subscribe, unsubscribe, or other various requests about
the Taxacom mailing list, do NOT send e-mail to the mailing list itself.

There are over 700 subscribers, none of whom are interested in your query.

The e-mail address for subscribe and unsubscribe requests is:

  listserv at

To subscribe, send this in the body of your e-mail message:

    subscribe taxacom Your Name

To unsubscribe, send this message:

    unsubscribe taxacom

The listserv software will automatically detect your e-mail address in
both cases.

For other requests, please e-mail to:  beach at

-- End of admonishment --

Jim Beach


James H. Beach                                beach at
Museum Informatics Project                    Tel: (510) 642-5185
University of California                      Fax: (510) 643-8856
2111 Bancroft Way, Suite 501
Berkeley, CA 94720-6200

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