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Gary Anderson gary at BACK.VIMS.EDU
Thu Aug 4 11:49:26 CDT 1994

Greetings All,

     An online service indexing geographic place names has been available via
gopher for quite some time.  I could not find direct access to the
service, but I found a gateway at the University of Minnesota.

 If you have a gopher client, you can access the service by typing:


      Select item 10 from the main menu, and search on the term
"geographic".  This will initiate the search, and ask you to pass in the
city of your choice.  You can then email the results back to you.  Here is
an example of the results of a search for my hometown:

Subject: Amherst, NY

City            : Amherst
State/Province  : NY New York
Nation          : US United States
Feature Code    : 45 Populated place

Latitude        : 42 degrees, 58 minutes, 42 seconds N
Longitude       : 78 degrees, 48 minutes, 00 seconds W

Elevation       : 260 feet

ZIP Codes       :  14226

Counties        :  [36029] Erie

  If anyone knows a more direct route to the service and a correct
reference to the contributors, I would be interested.  Thanks.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,
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