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Mike Dallwitz miked at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Tue Aug 9 13:18:15 CDT 1994

                                                                  9 August 1994

> I am looking for taxonomic cluster analysis programs that can process
> large numbers of OTUs (~1300 strains) and run on a PC.
> Esther Asaki
> easaki at

The DELTA programs (available from the Taxacom ftp server) can produce distance
matrices using the Gower metric, and can carry out clustering using a variety
of agglomerative strategies. The main limitation on the size of the data matrix
is in the clustering program, PCLASS. The MS-DOS version can handle about 500
OTU's. The OS/2 version is currently dimensioned to handle about 1000 OTU's,
but this could easily be increased if required.

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