ADA and accessibility

San Diego Natural History Museum libsdnhm at CLASS.ORG
Wed Aug 10 12:43:24 CDT 1994

The San Diego Natural History Museum is in the initial planning stages
for a building extension which will improve and increase the space
available for collections and all collections-based activities. We would
like to make all our collections and research areas fully usable and
accessible, going above the legal requirements if necessary. We are
particularly looking for input from people with disabilities as to what
they require when using museum collections, what design features and
accomodations we need to include, what good (and bad) experiences they
have had with using research collections, and any other comments or
anecdotes that would help us design our new areas. Please reply off-list;
we will be glad to summarize responses if anyone is interested. Thank you
for your help.

Judy Gibson and Sally Shelton
San Diego Natural History Museum

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