Ichthyological Acronyms Available by Gopher

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Acronym List for Ichthyological Collections available thru Gopher

The official ASIH acronym (codon) list for Ichthyological Collections
is now available as a search item on the Biodiversity and Biological
Collections Gopher at muse.bio.cornell.edu (Curation Information/Ichs
and Herps).  Thanks are due to Stuart Poss and Bruce Collette for
assembling the data.  A brief description of the history of this list
is given below, more details are available on the BBC gopher server.


      The acronyms listed in the ASIH acronyms list were originally
compiled by Alan E. Leviton (California Academy of Sciences), Robert
R. Gibbs (National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution),
and Elizabeth Heal and C. E. Dawson (Gulf Coast Research Laboratory)
and published in Copeia.

        Leviton, A. E., R. H. Gibbs, Jr., E. Heal, and C. E. Dawson.  1985.
                Standards in Herpetology and Ichthyology: Part I.  Standard
                Symbolic Codes for Institutional Resource Collections in
                Herpetology and Ichthyology.  Copeia, 1985(3):802-832.

This list was ammended in the following publication:

        Leviton, A. E. and R. H. Gibbs, Jr.  1988.  Standards in Herpetology
                and Ichthyology Standard Symbolic Codes for Institution
                Resource Collections in Hereptology and Ichthyology.
                Supplement No. 1: Additions and Corrections.  Copeia,

      The ASIH acronyms list was subsequently computerized and updated as
part of the second ASIH survey of fish collections in the Canada and
the U.S.:

        Poss, S. G. and B. B. Collette.  In Press.  A second survey of fish
                collections in the United States and Canada.  1995(1).

      Acronyms for a number of collections not included in the previous list
are given provisional acronyms in this publication.  These acronyms are
indicated by an asterisk (*) following the acronym.  Subsequently, updated
information on European collections was added to the database based on work
done by colleagues in the Societas Europaea Ichthyologorum.  This
information is published in:

        Kottelatt, M., H. Nijssen, and J. Nielsen.  1993.  Survey of
                Ichthyological Resources in European Museums and Collections.
                Verlag Friedrich Pfeil, Munich, for Societas Europaea
                Ichthyologorum, 24 pp.

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