deep hole in Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica

Daniel Janzen djanzen at SAS.UPENN.EDU
Sat Aug 27 13:57:20 CDT 1994

27 August 1994.  Philadlephia.

Dear All:

    I am in search of ANY information on the biology, geology, hydrology,
etc. of the 300+ m deep hole in the north center of the Golfo Dulce, which
is the long bay between the Osa Peninsula and the mainland on the southern
Pacific coast of Costa Rica (just above the Panama border).  Trawls,
surveys, cores, descriptions, bacteria, nematodes, worms, clams, fossils,
fish, etc.

    The reason is an exploration of the concept of converting the upper
part of this bay into a marine portion of the Osa Conservation Area.

     Responses will be MUCH more useful if received before 19 September
1994, but later responses will be very much appreciated as well.  I will
not be able to respond to any of them before 11 September 1994.  It would
be extremely convenient if any hard copy materials were to be sent to the
Costa Rican address below.

     Sincerely yours

     Daniel H. Janzen
     Professor of Biology

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Daniel H. Janzen
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I pick up e-mail at both addresses; I am usually in Costa Rica from January
through August, and at Penn September through December.

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