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Barry Roth barryr at UCMP1.BERKELEY.EDU
Sat Aug 27 18:34:12 CDT 1994

The malacological journal _The Veliger_ (of which I happen to
be the current editor) has received the following announcement
of a new, revised edition of a classic work on Mollusca.

 Barry Roth
 Museum of Paleontology, University of California, Berkeley
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             British Prosobranch Molluscs
         Their Functional Anatomy and Ecology
           Vera Fretter and Alastair Graham

        Ray Society Publication Volume No. 161
   August 1994; xix + 820pp; 258x176 mm; hardcover; 343 figs.
ISBN 0 903874 23 7           Price L83.00 (US$132.80)

This is a revised and updated edition of Volume 144, originally
published in 1962.  The contents of this new edition have been
modified by the authors in several ways.  (Dr. Fretter was able to
have worked on the revision up to and including the galley-proof
stage of production before her death.)

Certain parts of the original work considered by the authors to
be already excellently dealt with in other recent publications or
peripheral to the main theme of the book have been deleted and
not replaced.  Other parts have been rewritten because new facts
and ideas have made the original accounts inadequate, out of
date, or incorrect.

The revised edition is now in two parts.  Part I contains most of
the original text, with some deletions (molluscan radiation
outside the gastropods; the physiology and biochemistry of shell
secretion; prosobranch parasites; the appendices on classifica-
tion, habitats and distribution).  Part II contains the new
chapters.  Other parts of the original text have been either
extended or replaced and appear in Part II (toxoglossan alimentary
anatomy and feeding; the endocrine, excretory and vascular systems;
most of the ecology and prosobranch classification and relation-

The book can be ordered from Intercept Limited, P.O. Box 716,
Andover, Hants., SP10 1YG, U.K.  Tel: +44 (264) 334748.  FAX: +44
(264) 334058.

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