David G Green David.Green at ANU.EDU.AU
Mon Aug 29 12:13:58 CDT 1994

A recent posting to Taxacom by James Bennett asked whether
IOPI, the International Organization for Plant Information,
still exists.

I can assure the subscribers to this list that it most
certainly does, and is very active. The on-line address
for IOPI is currently ...

Please note that this address is due to change shortly -
due to lack of support at the Australian National University,
I shall be moving the on-line service to Charles Sturt University
in the next few weeks. Further announcements will follow when
the transfer is complete. Forwarding links will be provided
from the present server. Plans are now underway to develop IOPI's
on-line activity as a special interest network on plant taxonomy.

One reason for the apparent lack of activity is that most of the
main players (chiefly large herbaria) have not had Inernet access
(not even email). Hence much of the communication has continued
to be via snail mail. For nearly 3 years now I have been begging
(badgering?) various people in IOPI to provide regular reports for
public consumption via Internet.

This situation is symptomatic of many areas of science at present.
Despite having a very busy bioinformatics server here, even within
my own building we have people who've never heard of the Internet
(or don't want to hear!).

I have forwarded the recent query to several committee chairpersons
in IOPI. Hopefully they will provide more details about recent

Cheers ... David Green
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