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Jeremy Bruhl jbruhl at METZ.UNE.EDU.AU
Fri Aug 5 11:06:35 CDT 1994

Dear Taxacom subscribers

I am posting information here about a NEW Monocot Discussion Group.

Jeremy Bruhl

MONOCOT - Open Forum Disucssion on Monoctyledons

Dear new Monocot list member,

Welcome to the Monocot mailing list.
Your name has been added to the list:

       monocot at

The moderator is Jermey Bruhl, Department of Botany and Herbarium,
University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australi.

This list is intended to serve as an information exchange facility for
subscribers interested in all aspects of Monocot biology. Discussion is
encouraged of issues relating to all aspects of monocot systematics (taxonomy
and evolution), development, reproductive biology, and ecology. The list should
be of interest to land managers, educators and trainers, researchers and
students working in all aspects of Monocot biology


Send requests about your subscription (e.g. unsubscribe,
index etc) to the automatic list server ...

             monocot-subscribe at
     or      listserv at

1. In order to ADD yourself to the list, type:

             subscribe monocot <full name>
     e.g.    subscribe monocot  Joe Bloggs

2. In order to REMOVE yourself from the Monocot list, type:

             unsubscribe monocot

If you require any additional information not provided for automatically
by 'listserv', send a message to

             monocot-requests at


To submit an item for public distribution to Monocot subscribers,
send it as an electronic mail message to the address ...

             monocot at

Remember that ANY message you send to the list will be read by EVERYONE
on the list, so be careful about what you say and how you say it!
AVOID sending messages that are not intended for public distribution.
Send all queries, comments etc to the moderator ...

             monocot-requests at


You can access Monocot information in the following ways:

Anonymous FTP
command line       ftp
login name         anonymous
password           your electronic mail address
path               cd /pub/biodiversity/monocot

Gopher protocol

World Wide Web protocol

For more information about these services contact www-manager at


Old distributed messages can be accessed via anonymous ftp from in subdirectory


or by gopher in the folder



This list has been set up by Jeremey Bruhl and David Green.

Direct any other queries or requests for further information to
jbruhl at

Should you wish to drop off the list, send a "unsubscribe" message to
listserv at (N.B. NOT to monocot at ).
For information about the node contact

             www-manager at

Thank you for your interest and support.


Jeremy Bruhl

Department of Botany and Herbarium NE           Telephone: +61 67 73 2429
University of New England                       Facsimile: +61 67 73 3283
Armidale NSW 2351                                  jbruhl at

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