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I am forwarding this for information. Please excuse any duplication.

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The following is a quote from the BETHESDA GAZETTE (Maryland) from
the August 10, 1994 issue:

".....he bought the dinosaurs and eggs a few years ago from the
paleontology department of a major American university which was selling
off part of its collections.  (He) would not specify the name of the
university, but said he provides complete documentation to buyers.
He said he has perfect confidence int he integrity of the of the source
who sold him the fossils.  'They are megapaleontologists' he said."

I have not handled the fossils but have only seen them through the
store window. I cannot verify the accuracy of any data or whether
some of the material has been 'altered' for sale.
The fossils include two slabs with complete lizards(?) (identified as

dinosaurs), Jurassic amber, Brazilian fish nodules, a partial mammoth
tooth, 3 dinosaur eggs(?), and a turtle carapace.  All are of Triassic
age.  The dinosaur material is advertized as being from China.

If anyone has info about a "major university" from the "southwest
USA" (according to the sign on the window) that is selling off
part of their collections, please let me know.  (just curious.)

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