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WESTCOTT Richard L westcott at ODA.STATE.OR.US
Mon Aug 22 13:30:20 CDT 1994

This note is for herbarium curators or anyone else with access to a collection
which might contain a good specimen of SENNA (formerly in CASSIA) ALATA (L.)
Irwin & Barnaby.

I have immediate need to confirm the identification of a plant I saw growing
about 30 km SE of Tomatlan, Jalisco, Mexico (not far inland; at about 300 m).
I showed a sample to a botanist there and he felt reasonably confident it was
from a species naturalized in that area, either S. ALATA or S. NICARAGUENSIS.
A specimen of the latter was available, so it was reasonably eliminated from
the running.

I checked the Herbarium at Oregon St. Univ. and found one specimen of S. ALATA.
 While it did not rule out this species, neither did the specimen bear
structures along the stem (probably stipules) which I saw in the field and
which seemed to this non-botanist to be quite characteristic.

Well, it was suggested to me that I might try to find someone willing to
photocopy a herbarium specimen and send it to me.  Therefore, if someone out
there has a specimen showing the stipules (or whatever those small, almost
petiolate "second set of leaves" are along the upper stem) I would be most
appreciative to see its image.

Thank you.

Rick Westcott
Oregon Dept. Agriculture
635 Capitol NE
Salem OR 97310-0110
Internet: westcott at

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