GIS, label data, and fuzziness scale

Tom Moritz tmoritz at CAS.CALACADEMY.ORG
Fri Aug 26 03:06:43 CDT 1994

Eric Metzler's contribution seems to be an excellent example of a well
designed effort to address the issues of precision (resolution) of
geographic data.  And the ability to qualify both linear and polygonal
"locales" is at the least insightful.

I am still wondering about the expression of confidence in the *accuracy*
(i.e. reliability) of collectors (Rafinesque?)  I know of one system that
expresses "accuracy" as a separate weight together with best supportable
precision of resolution...

I also know that entomological collections tend to record their geographic
data at a common "high level" of resolution (county level typically?) --
what are the implications of this for policy making applications?

Tom Moritz
California Academy of Sciences
(from IUCN, Gland, Switzerland)

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