DMA Gazetteers...?

Tom Moritz tmoritz at CAS.CALACADEMY.ORG
Tue Aug 30 02:41:52 CDT 1994

In early August, Lorenzo Ramella of the Flora of Paraguay project (at the
Jardin Botanique in Geneva) reported that for their purposes, the US DMA
Gazetteer for Paraguay was completely inadequate.  Subsequent discussions
with Lorenzo have suggested that for Paraguay, the US Defense Dept. worked
exclusively from some old and marginally reliable maps (the US not having
had a major presence in Paraguay).

It is also the case for Paraguay that relatively little cartographic work
has been done...

I am wondering if others have found significant problems in use of the DMA
Gazetteer series for other countries?  My question goes to the issue
of confidence in the DMA series as a standard source and to the issue of which
variables may condition the reliability of individual gazetteers?

-- Tom Moritz
California Academy of Sciences

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