Experimental WWW herbarium database

Carl E. Lewis celew at CONNCOLL.EDU
Mon Dec 5 10:32:16 CST 1994

I am writing to announce the availability of a new experimental WWW site at the
following URL:


Here at the Charles B. Graves Herbarium at Connecticut College (CCNL), we are
working to create a database of our 12000 specimen collection.  Each record
contains data from a specimen label, and many records are linked to picture
files scanned from the herbarium sheets.  Below is a summary of the data
available at this time:

   FAMILY             # SPECIMENS        # PICTURES
   Acoraceae                2                 0
   Araceae                 27                 0
   Xyridaceae              34                 0
   Eriocaulaceae           14                 0
   Commeliniaceae           2                 0
   Pontederiaceae          15                 0
   Juncaceae              168                 0
   Liliaceae              170                14
   Haemodoraceae            4                 0
   Dioscoreaceae            4                 0
   Iridaceae               42                 0
   Orchidaceae            181                69

The server can only be browsed using WWW clients with forms support. Client
software also must support clickable maps within forms.  Below is a list of all
clients successfully tested with the server software.  If you find other clients
that work with the server, please send mail to celew at conncoll.edu.

       Mosaic Netscape 0.9b
       NCSA Mosaic 2.0a17
       NCSA Mosaic 2.0a17 for Power Macintosh
       MacWeb 1.00A2.2

       Mosaic Netscape 0.9b

       NCSA Mosaic 2.4

The server is running on a computer that is also used for data entry and image
processing, so you can expect it to be off-line much of the time.  The computer
is a Power Macintosh 6100/60AV, running MacHTTP and an internal development
release of Herbarium Curator Toolkit 2.0.  A beta version of HCT 2.0 will be
ready within the next few months. It will be distributed at the URL listed above
and probably a few FTP sites.  I will post another message to TAXACOM when the
beta version is available.

Questions about the database or the software should be directed to me.  I can
e-mail a decription of the upcoming beta release of HCT 2.0 on request.

                          -  Carl Lewis, Connecticut College
                             celew at conncoll.edu

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