New Phylogenetic Analysis Program

Barry Richardson B.Richardson at UWS.EDU.AU
Sat Dec 24 12:04:30 CST 1994

This message is to announce the first general release of a new program for
analysing phylogenetic relationships using DNA sequence data and
was developed here at the University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury.  It is
based on the formal logic proposed by Hennig using outgroups to identify
the status of each character state for each cycle of analysis.  It builds
daughter groups and provides the probability of correct placement of
species in these groups.  The program is interactive, with the taxonomist
expected to consider the output before moving on to the next stage of
analysis.  It accepts data in STADEN, PHYLIP and PAUP formats.

The program is available from  Use anonymous as name and
email adress as password.  It should be down loaded in binary mode.  The
Mac version is at pub/mac (SYNAPO and SYNAPO.TXT) while the PC version is
at pub/pc/misc (SYNAPO.EXE and SYNAPO.TXT).  It will also be released on
our WWW server in the new year.

We will be continuing to upgrade the program so do tell us any problems,
observations, ambiguities, suggestions  or objections you may have.

Have fun with it!

Have a peaceful and hopeful Christmas and New Year

Barry Richardson    Bill Stern

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