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We (fortunately) have not had to worry about loss of credibility with
molecular biologists.  The Department of Ecology & Evolutionary
Biology is widely recognized on campus to be of much higher national
and international standing than either the Department of Molecular and
Cell Biology or the Department of Physiology and Neurobiology.  I
can't comment on the political situation at Iowa, but I can tell you
this.  In my experience (I've now been through about ten searches in
my 9 years at UConn) it would be a *big* mistake to bring in only
three candidates, unless there is a very clear dividing line between
number three and the rest of the pool.  We almost invariably invite
four, sometimes five candidates.  In several searches only one or two
of those candidates have remained viable candidates after their
interview.  In at least one case the consensus choice of the entire
department was not among the leading candidates before the campus
interview.  In that same search the leading candidate for the position
was ultimately regarded as unacceptable.  In short, no matter how well
the search committee does its job in sorting through the applications,
there are almost certain to be surprises when the candidates visit
campus.  CVs and letters of recommendation definitely do not tell the
whole story.  To make sure that you identify someone you want as a
long-term colleague, I'd suggest that you invite a minimum of four
candidates for a visit, five if there is difficulty distinguishing
between numbers four and five.  I'd try not to worry too much about
losing credibility with the rest of the department.  Have all the
candidates in molecular and cell biology performed as well as the
search committee might have hoped?  I doubt it.  (I know they didn't
in several recent searches in our Department of Molecular and Cell

Good luck!

-- Kent

P.S. I know at least one UConn Ph.D. applied for the position, because
I wrote a letter for him.  I'd be happy to tell you who to hire.  All
you have to do is ask. ;)

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