Sources for polyprop./polyethy. jar lids

Alexandra M. Snyder AMSNYDER at BOOTES.UNM.EDU
Mon Dec 5 14:12:00 CST 1994

RESPONSE TO D. HORTON, University of Iowa-Botany
Collections of fishes and herps ("wet collections") generally use the
polyprop. plastic lids with a foam (plastic) liner.  These do not "back
off" or loosen like the Baklite nor do they "gas off" and crack as the old
Baklite lids (per article by A.Y. Suzumoto).  They come in black or white color  and
and matted or smooth outside surface.
You can purchase these from the following vendors:

       Kols Containers, Inc.
       1408 Desoto Rd.
       Baltimore MD 21230

       Continental Glass & Plastic, Inc.
       841 West Cermak Rd.
       Chicago IL 60608-4304

       Apex Bottle Company, Inc.
       4200 Amos Ave.
       Baltimore MD 21215

There are other vendors/distributors for these lids but this should get you
started.  If you or anyone in the museum community has other questions pertain-
ing to "wet collection" storage techniques, you may contact me via email:

                 amsnyder at

Alexandra M. Snyder
Chair ASIH Subcommittee on Supplies and Resources
Museum of Southwestern Biology, Division of Fishes

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