Storage containers for Specimens Preserved in EtOH or FAA

Amy Edwards aedwards at MUSEUM.ENT.UGA.EDU
Thu Dec 8 15:00:08 CST 1994

>3. Question!
>*Where* can one obtain glass jars with polypropylene lids and
>polyethylene liners??  Ward's has either metal or bakelite lids.
>Fisher doesn't seem to have anything suitable, nor does Carolina.
>Neither Herbarium Supplies nor University Products carry jars.
>Where does one get them?!
>-- Diana Horton
>University of Iowa Herbarium
>Iowa City, IA  52242


I buy them from:

Scientific Specialties Service
P.O. Box 352
Randallstown, MD 21133

phone:  1-800-648-7800
FAX: 410-644-6208

They have many sizes and styles of jars & bottles and a variety of lids.


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