Storage containers for Specimens Preserved in EtOH or FA

Gayle Hansen hanseng at CCMAIL.ORST.EDU
Thu Dec 8 22:55:05 CST 1994

       For Diana Horton's question about bottle caps:

       VWR Scientific (1-800-932-500) is well supplied with an
       assortment of bottle caps and liners -- even polypropylene.

       If you are trying to keep alcohol or formaldehyde from
       evaporating from your specimen jars, I would suggest you use
       caps with teflon liners if you can afford them -- or use teflon
       pipe-thread tape to line the threads on your jars before capping
       them.  It has worked wonderfully for me for years.  Teflon is
       what the cap-manufacturers recommend for many of these small

                                         Gayle Hansen -  OSU

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