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Mon Dec 12 15:14:24 CST 1994


The Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project (BDFFP), a Brazilian
National Institute for Amazon
Research and Smithsonian Institution Bi-national Project, is offering a
post-doctoral position for a qualified
person to work on the Plant Ecology sub-project.  The person will be
responsible for organizing, analyzing,
and publishing the results of phytodemographic inventories performed over the
past 15 years at BDFFP.

-Ph.D. or equivalent with proven experience in publishing.
-Interest in participating in the organization, analysis, and publication of
botanical data already collected.
-Herbarium experience, including collection and/or curation of botanical
-Knowledge of Plant Systematics.
-Experience in organizing and manipulating large computerized data sets.

1.  Organize, analyze, and prepare manuscripts from the BDFFP phytodemographic
2.  Supervision of computerized data entry including:
Digitalization of data and maps
Original data and Field verification.
3.  Supervision and amplification of reference herbarium collection including
more than 70,000 specimens.
4.  Supervision of taxonomic database.
5.  Supervision of laboratory activities including:
Receiving field specimens and data cards
Initial taxonomic sorting to families
Identification of herbarium specimens
Managing taxonomic information of specimens
Sending specimens for identification.

-No independent research aside from preparing manuscripts from large database.
-Salary commensurate with experience; travel and relocation assistance
-Location of work is primarily in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.
-The contract period is 2 years.

Interested parties should send a CV, 3 relevant publications, a letter
detailing how their experience is adequate
for the position described above.  Faxed applications are accepted.  Also,
candidates should arrange for three
letters of reference sent directly to:
(mailing address)                                 (courier address)
Dr. Claude Gascon, PDBFF                          Dr. Claude Gascon, PDBFF
Scientific Coordinator                            rua Andr  Araujo, 1753,
Ecologia/INPA                                     Aleixo
CP 478                                            69011-970 Manaus, AM
69011-970 Manaus, AM                              BRASIL
Fax:  55-92-642-2050

Please direct e-mail inquiries to Argelis Roman, Smithsonian Project Liaison at
mnhbd007 at

Application deadline is January 10, 1995.  Candidates will be notified during
the month of February 1995.

Outreach Coordinator, Biodiversity Programs
Smithsonian Institution, NHB W314, MRC 180
Washington, DC 20560
email: MNHBD007 at SIVM.SI.EDU
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