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Position Available - Vascular Plant Systematics

     Applications are invited for a full-time Postdoctoral
Associateship in the Biological Survey, New York State Museum, as
part of the Generic Flora of the Southeastern United States
(GFSEUS) Project.  The GFSEUS has been centered at the New
York State Museum and the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard
University, and now the University of Florida has joined the
Project.  Norton G. Miller, Carroll E. Wood, Jr., and Walter S.
Judd are editors and organizers of the GFSEUS.  More information
about the Generic Flora is available on the Internet via the New
York State Library Gopher using the following pathway:
unix2.nysed.gov (Gopher address); New York State Government
Information Locator (choose this); New York State Executive
Branch (choose this); New York State Education Department
(choose this); New York State Museum (choose this); Generic Flora
of the Southeastern United States (choose this); choose READ.ME

     We seek inquiries or applications from broadly trained plant
systematists, ideally with specific knowledge of the Compositae
and/or Leguminosae and a desire to study these groups further.  The
successful applicant will join and interact with other botanists at
New York State Museum and have full access to laboratories and
collections of the Biological Survey and to the large New York State
Library, which is in the same building.  Specific requirements are a
Ph.D. degree, strong analytical and writing skills, experience with
word processing and manuscript formatting, and a dedication to and
patience with detail.  Knowledge of one or more second language is
desirable.  The resources of the Harvard University Herbaria and
the Botanical Libraries of the Arnold Arboretum, Gray Herbarium,
and Botanical Museum of Harvard University are also available, as
are those of the University of Florida.  The anticipated starting date
is 1 March 1995, with the initial appointment for one year, and with
annual renewals possible based on adequate progress.

     Send applications (vita, statement of research interests and
professional goals, reprints, and three letters of recommendation) to
Norton G. Miller, Biological Survey, New York State Museum,
Albany, NY 12230 (voice: 518/486-2010, 474-5812; FAX: 518/473-
8496; e-mail: nmiller at museum.nysed.gov).

Norton G. Miller
Biological Survey
New York State Museum
Albany, New York  12230
Telephone: 518/486-2010
FAX: 518/473-8496

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