Returned mail: Jars, lids and liners

Stephen Halford halford at SFU.CA
Thu Dec 15 22:23:46 CST 1994

> Sorry to re-hash old news, but I've been off the line for a few days,
> and haven't seen anyone else raise these points:
> Finding sources for polypropylene jar lids is not a problem -- the
> challenge is finding the "state of the art" closed-cell polyethylene
> foam liners.  (My sources report that these liners are totally
> unavailable for the 120mm jars sought in a recent posting -- I would
> dearly love to find a supplier of liners for this size lid! )
> One supply house did briefly offer *linear* polyethylene liners,  of
> which I acquired a number and found them worse than useless in
> effecting a seal -- they distorted the lid to the extent that the
> threads would not properly engage the jar -- like trying to tighten up
> a nut and bolt with stripped threads!
> Teflon tape *can* work,  but problems have been reported if the tape
> is allowed to extend above the jar lip (I don't have the reference to
> hand,  but the data was presented at the 1993 SPNHC conference in
> Victoria, B.C.)
> Steve (halford at

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