Letter from Darwin to Lyell...?

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Mon Dec 19 16:19:53 CST 1994

Try "Charles Darwin, Life and Letters" in 2 volumes by Charles Darwin,
with Francis Darwin, 1891.  And also "More Letters of Charles Darwin"
(same authors) in 2 volumes 1903.  Both are probably available in more
recent reprints.

On Mon, 19 Dec 1994, Luis A. Ruedas wrote:

> Hoping this is the right forum...The other day I ran across a quote,
> reportedly in a letter from Darwin to Lyell.  It was in an article on
> Darwin by Loren Eiseley (Sci. Am., 1956).  Eiseley states: "...Nothing
> would aid natural history more, he contended to Lyell, "than carefully
> collecting and investigating of all the productions of the most
> isolated islands.""
> Would any of you out there have the text of the letter, or know where
> such might be found?  I am rather interested in island faunas, and
> would be curious to see the surrounding text.  Our library, I regret
> to say, is not overly well furnished with Darwiniana.
> Thanks
> Luis A. Ruedas
> Dept Biology
> Cayey University College
> University of Puerto Rico
> Cayey, PR 00736

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