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In response to Stephen Halford's suggestion that NMNH might have been what
is now the Canadian Museum of Nature, I have had this confirmatory reply
that this was never the name of that Museum.  Presumably it does indeed
refer to the Smithsonian MNH.

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> Dear John, As far as I know the natural science museum in Ottawa was
> called National Museum of Natural History. After it ceased being a part
> the Geological Survey it became the National Museum of Canada and then
> National Museum of Natural Sciences. I wonder what made your
> think NMNH refers to a Canadian museum? Sorry I am of no help. You are
> right about "Botany Division" . All the old curators are now in the
> Research Division.
>>  >>  >> Pardon my ignorance, but wasn't "NMNH" the old acronym for the
>> (Canadian) National Museum of Natural History?
>> Steve. (Stephen_Halford at
>I am not sure about this, but I will forward your message to George
>in the Botany Division of what is now the Canadian Museum of Nature
>they have probably got rid of the title "Botany Division" in their
>Until it became the Museum of Nature some five years ago, its title was
>National Museum of Natural Sciences.  For a while in the early part of
>century it was called the Victoria Memorial Museum.  It was part of the
>Geological Survey of Canada until well into this century (about 1910).
>John McNeill.
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